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Friday Video: David Letterman’s Last Top 10

We've now seen the end of an era. David Letterman’s run on the Late Show has come to an end, and I think everyone can agree that it’ll be a little strange not to see him on that show every night. And, to celebrate his departure, he naturally had a star-studded final show with a Top 10 we can all appreciate.

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Ten Children’s Movie Deaths That Shattered Your Childhood

If you’ve ever had a heart and a VCR, you probably remember watching Simba’s dad fall and sobbing hysterically after realizing he was not going to get back up. Then in the future, skipping said part of the movie. These types of scenes from children’s movies are the ones we tend to remember the most. Believe it or not, all children movie deaths are not from Disney movies! Though, quite a few of them are. Why Walt, WHY!?

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