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PlayStation Is Joining The Streaming Game

Even in the age of Netflix, YouTube, and the vast stretches of the Internet, we all still enjoy a little classic TV every now and again. We’ve all got those shows we tune in to watch every week, we’ve all got mindless shows we put on in the background, and of course, let’s not forget that wonder that is the DVR. But, every month, we all weep a little inside when we see just how much that TV is costing us.

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Wednesday Wonder: Dish Sling TV

When it comes to watching TV, there seems to be two very distinct groups forming. On one side you’ve got the people dedicated to their somewhat expensive cable television. Hey, we have very specific shows we like to watch and very specific channels where we can find them! Then, on the other hand, you’ve got the cord-cutters. The folks that say so long cable and hello streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

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Friday Video: Trolling Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune

Everyone loves a good game show. You get a strange sense of accomplishment every time you can guess that puzzle on Wheel of Fortune or answer a Jeopardy question right. In the form of a question, naturally. But, do you think contestants on Wheel of Fortune ever get bored?

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Go Ahead, Watch Your Favorite Bad Movie. We Won’t tell

It’s probably fair to say that the vast majority of us have a Netflix account, or at least have access to the user name and password for an account that we mooch off of. (Thanks, Mom) And, for the most part, what we watch can’t really be deemed bad or embarrassing. Our recently viewed feed is a mish-mash of popular movies and TV shows that we’ve binge watched for 6 hours straight.

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Watch TV, on a TV? That’s for ancient times

For the first time, apps and browsers now surpass traditional TV watching on the big ol’ screen.

In a study done by Adobe, the company reports that video consumption takes place primarily through apps on smartphones, and then online browsers. This comes as no surprise – we live in the Age of the Smart Gadgets, where any searchable content is available instantly on any device, especially when it comes to television shows.

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