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Embrace Your Inner Wizard at Universal Studios’ Diagon Alley

The most famous street in the magical world is finally ready for Muggles to experience.

Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley is an expansion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and is almost an exact replica of the film franchise’s design. Guests can experience the park’s new themed ride, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, immerse themselves in authentic British food (fish and chips!) and browse the various wizard shops.

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Google Maps Street View of Diagon Alley

Harry Potter is the best-selling book series ever, with approximately 450 million copies sold worldwide. Movies for each book were also created, which did quite well too. There is a huge fan base for this franchise, and Google Maps has decided to give them a little treat! They have taken their Maps street view team to London to capture a 360-degree view of the set for Diagon Alley, the famous marketplace from the magical world of Harry Potter, used in the movies. Google Map users can now visit the set, which is on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in the UK, from the comfort of their own home.

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