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Walmart Is Ready To Take On Amazon

We love doing a little online shopping from time to time, but if there’s something we really need sooner rather than later, we’d rather make the trek out to the store itself. Sure, that means getting in our car, driving to the store, and wandering around for at least 30 minutes before walking out with our purchase…plus maybe a few impulse buys…in hand, but at least we didn’t pay shipping right?

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Say Bye-Bye To Unwanted Gift Cards

Christmas has come and gone, and we bet that you’ve got at least one or two gifts under that tree that you’re not exactly thrilled about. Maybe it’s a sweater that you would never be caught dead in, maybe it’s duplicate presents, or maybe you got a gift card to a store that you visit once a year if you’re lucky. Well, that sweater and duplicate present is all on you, but Walmart is here to help with those extra gift cards you just don’t want!

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